A&M’s Green Deal calculator

A&M Energy Solutions provides an easier way to reach out to its consumers with its Green Deal Self Test tool. This new interactive tool allows immediate feedback on consumer’s energy performance, makes information on financial savings readily accessible and provides guidance regarding Green Deal finance and ECO Financial support.

The A&M Green Deal Calculator works simply. All it takes is going online to http://www.am-energy.com/green-deal/ to access A&M’s Green Deal Self Test where you will be asked necessary information on your account. With this new application, Green Deal consumers are just clicks away from important information about their Green Deal status. Energy efficiency is readily assessed. Queries are readily answered with no delay. These are just a few of the features of this new application.

The Green Deal is a government policy which makes it possible for all consumers both individuals and businesses to be more efficient in energy consumptions with no upfront cost. To get one, consumer’s energy performance will be assessed by an accredited green deal advisor, recommendations will be issued by this advisor, then a report will be taken to any Green Deal Provider to get quotes and lastly, the provider will arrange for a Green Deal Installer to make the improvements for energy efficiency in the respected homes. That’s how easy it takes to enjoy a more energy efficient home.

A&M knows the importance of Green Deal and the difference it can make to the domestic sector. This Green Deal Self Test application is their way of making Green Deal more accessible to people. With this new tool, consumers get more information necessary to get the most of Green Deal. There are different terms and schemes depending on your status whether you are a housing tenant, housing landlord or residential landlords. If you are a housing tenant you can still benefit from Green Deal. There is ECO funding available for some clients who meet the set criteria. A&M will assess the client and offer advice as to whether ECO funding is available for any of their energy saving measures.  Even if you are only a housing tenant you can still benefit from Green Deal.

Green Deal endeavors to lessen carbon emission from homes. This UK government policy does not only make improvements in homes but also lessen carbon emissions. Repayments will equally be just around what most household must save in energy costs known as ‘The Golden Rule’.

A&M is one of UK’s trusted and largest providers of insulation services. It aims for customer’s satisfaction with superb level of service and cost-effective approach. It offers personable advice, wide-ranging information in all of their products, and the latest service it offers is this new Green Deal Self Test Calculator. A&M Energy Solutions as a Green Deal Installer can carry out measures as stated within the Green Deal trademark. This energy solution company makes Green Deal more available to people with all the information to achieve energy efficiency in the comforts of many people’s homes.

Independent and impartial advice is available from the Energy Saving Advice Service on 0300 123 123, www.direct.gov.uk/greendeal.