Green Deal Assessment’s Leading to Energy Saving Action

If the government’s Green Deal initiative seems, thus far, to be viewed with a degree of mistrust by the public in general, it does seem to have sparked a greater interest in energy-saving measures, which bodes well for the embattled environment.

The government’s Green Deal is aimed primarily at getting homeowners to insulate their homes more effectively in an effort to lower the demand for energy. It offers a home assessment identifying recommended measures which can be paid for by the customer themselves or a plan can be devised by which the cost of any recommended improvements is added to the energy bill by installments. Although few have thus far taken up the loan offer, an encouraging number of free assessments have been carried out resulting in a greater general awareness of energy wastage and the great potential for savings.

Most of a home’s heat is lost through the roof. The second biggest culprit is wall cavities and having a loft and these hollows effectively insulated can greatly reduce the amount of energy required to keep a home sufficiently heated. Repairing draughty doors and windows will add further savings for consumers who face increasingly challenging economic times. The long-term financial gains resulting from reduced energy bills can eventually pay for the cost of improvements made. If government targets for making UK homes more energy efficient is reached, then the environmental impact will be significant.

Global concern regarding climate change has brought increasingly urgent calls from environmentalists for humanity to reduce its carbon footprint. Ensuring that the energy expenditure of our homes is kept at a minimum is a means of protecting our planet. Simple measures such as effective insulation can be undertaken by all to ensure a safer and healthier environment for future generations. Making use of the government’s Green Deal home assessment is a step in the right direction.

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