About A&M

Mission statement


To continually improve our ability for successfully developing business relationships based upon trust and mutual respect with our clients.

Whilst cultivating the skills and creative capabilities of our employees, each of whom embrace and support our common goal of maintaining satisfied customers based upon the highest standards of customer care, quality and workmanship.


A&M is one of the UK’s largest providers of insulation services.

Our understanding of our customers’ needs, superb level of service and cost-effective approach have been vital to our success.

We offer personable advice, comprehensive information on all our products and extremely efficient installation processes, helping you to improve the comfort and economy of your property.

Formed in 1973 as a family-run business, our continued understanding of our customer needs, combined with high levels of service and a cost-effective approach have been vital to the success achieved to date and therefore complementing our three plus decades of industry experience.

We work with home owners, construction firms, local authorities, housing associations, registered social landlords and energy suppliers to make steps to reduce the UK’s carbon footprint.

In 2012, we carried out approximately 100,000 energy saving measures on properties from our 7 depots across the UK.

With over 197 employees across the UK, we have committed and experienced staff to support our clients in making their homes and properties more energy efficient.