Cavity Wall-Tie Replacement

Cavity wall-ties connect together cavity walls which were designed and installed to reduce unnecessary heat loss in the vast majority of buildings built over the last century. These special ties are usually made of metal coated in zinc or bitumen and are placed at strategic intervals between the two walls.

Such wall-ties have now been found to be inadequate, however, leading to properties with problems such as bulging walls and cracked masonry and mortar. As such, A&M offers a comprehensive service to rectify such issues.

Our surveyors have a great deal of experience in detecting and assessing the condition of wall-ties and are able to put a plan in place to replace and repair as necessary. Once the replacement wall-ties are installed, the wall will be stable and finished to a high standard.

We also offer a Retro-Fit Cavity Wall Insulation service which dramatically reduces the heat lost from a property, along with a range of other insulation solutions.