Timber Frame Insulation

As the construction of homes become more and more varied, different materials are being used to suit individual needs and tastes. Timber frame construction is becoming an increasingly common choice for new-build dwellings as it is highly economical, carbon neutral and offers design flexibility.

The construction techniques of this type of build generally demand extremely high levels of insulation, not only to external walls, but to party walls, stairwell walls and internal partitions. As such, A&M has all the required expertise to ensure that such specialist methods are carried out correctly.

We use high performance materials such as glass fibre, polypropylene and polyisocyanurate, ensuring that a unique timber frame home is just as well insulated as one built using traditional materials. Specifically, for external, party and stairwell walls, we use Knauf and Superglass timber frame wall batts to the specified thickness, and for the internal partitions and party walls, we use acoustic partition rolls (APR). The material is friction fitted to the walls and covered with ‘visqueen’ which provides a vapour barrier for extra efficiency. All joints are taped and overlapped.

For internal partitions, the appropriate insulation is friction fitted between the joists and covered with ‘netlon’ to hold the material in place, before plastering. This provides an excellent solution for noise transmittance.

We also offer a range of other effective insulation solutions including Retro-Fit Cavity Wall Insulation, Draught Proofing, Loft Insulation and External Wall Insulation.