Central Heating

Gas, Oil, LPG and Electric Heating Systems

Whether you’re looking to install a completely new central heating system, or just require a replacement boiler, A&M Energy Solutions can advise on a system which will work best for you. Our service begins with a visit to your property so we can provide a free, accurate quote and ensure that you won’t be paying for something you don’t actually need or won’t work well in your home.

If you don’t have mains gas then we can offer alternative oil, LPG and electric heating solutions for every type of home.

Boiler Replacement

Modern day condensing boilers are highly effective and can dramatically reduce energy bills and improve the overall efficiency of heating your home and its hot water supply. Old boilers, particularly if over 10 years old, can be as little as 60% efficient and even newer, non-condensing boilers are still only 70-75% efficient.

Building Regulations now advise that condensing boilers should be used in all new and replacement boiler installations. Condensing boilers recover waste heat which is passed through a second heat exchanger where it extracts additional heat.

A&M Energy Solutions offer a comprehensive condensing boiler installation service which includes the removal and disposal of an existing boiler. Our boilers also come with a five-year parts and installation guarantee.