From April 2018, the proposed legislative changes to The Energy Act 2011 made it unlawful to let residential properties with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of F or G.

“From 2016, any tenant or their representatives asking for their landlord’s consent to make reasonable energy efficiency improvements cannot be refused. From 2018, the rental of the very worst performing properties – those rated F and G – was banned through a minimum energy efficiency standard”. Rt Hon Chris Huhne MP, 10 May 2011.

There are about 680,000 rented properties in England with the worst energy efficiency ratings of F and G. Over forty per cent of households in these worst insulated rented homes live in fuel poverty.

Research for Friends of the Earth estimates that tenants living in these homes should save an average of £488 a year off their energy bill when they are improved to meet the proposed minimum standard of Energy Performance Certificate.

If you do not have an up to date EPC for your property, you may not be aware how good or bad your energy rating is for your property. Our qualified assessors are able to carry out an EPC to help identify from your property portfolio which are a priority to improve their insulation, to therefore meet legislation but to also keep your tenants comfortable.

Funding is available to support the installation of cavity wall insulation and loft insulation, therefore making it an ideal time to get ahead of the legislative changes, upgrading your properties to make them energy efficient.

For further information, please email or call 0800 318867 to discuss how you could access this funding.