As an External Wall Insulation installer, we offer the experience of working with many contractors and Local Authorities to ensure their scheme runs on time, on budget and to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

This technique is an excellent solution to raising the thermal efficiency of existing homes where, in the past, any other external improvement may have proven difficult or even impossible. For the insulation to be as effective as possible an initial suitability check of the surface is required and the application needs to be carried out in optimum weather conditions.

To make the properties more aesthetically pleasing, we are able to offer a variety of finishes including smooth, painted. textured, tiled, panelled or pebble-dashed.

We work in partnership with local community groups to ensure the scheme has minimum disruption to the local residents – communication is key to a successful scheme.

Benefits of applying EWI to your refurbishment scheme

  • Residents are able to stay in their property for the duration of the scheme with minimal disruption to their day to day activities
  • Properties will be more aesthetically pleasing
  • Extends the lifespan of the building
  • Reduces the amount of building maintenance required for the future
  • Funding may be available for your scheme through ECO funding

For more information or for our Estimating team to quote for an existing EWI scheme, please send your requirements to

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