As the clocks turn back this weekend and the nights draw in, thoughts will undoubtedly turn to winter festivities. With Bonfire Night, cosy nights in and Christmas celebrations to look forward to, the last thing you need dampening your winter cheer is draughty windows, clogged guttering, or even worse – an expensive emergency call-out to deal with unforeseen repairs that need immediate attention.

New research from E.ON shows that three in five Brits don’t prepare their homes for winter, despite the majority (77%) having previously suffered from some kind of seasonal problem in their home. The lack of preparation can leave people on the back foot, with nearly a quarter (22%) admitting to having used an emergency call out for installing loft insulation, clearing guttering and re-pressurising the boiler – spending on average £114 each time.

The biggest challenges faced by homeowners at this time of year include draughty windows and doors, radiators failing to heat up and boilers losing pressure. Issues such as these can feel like a really big deal at the time, but actually, the majority can be solved quickly and efficiently (and importantly, a lot more cost effectively) once you know how.

Plus, it’s not just about saving money on the work itself – implementing energy efficient measures such as loft insulation and blocking leaks from draughty windows and doors will help you use less energy in the longer term too.
When getting your home ready for winter the 5 P’s ‘prior planning prevents poor performance’ really ring true. So as the colder weather starts to set in, follow these DIY tips and your home will be ready for winter in no time.