Cavity wall, loft insulation and boiler upgrades assist Norfolk homeowners to improve energy ratings through government led schemes.

Almost 20,000 property owners in Norfolk have been saving energy and money through government lead schemes.

The government’s energy scheme ‘ECO’, which has been running since 2013. Aims to reduce carbon emissions and tackle fuel poverty through a range of renewables. Free or grant assisted insulation is one of the key ways homeowners around the UK have been saving money. In addition, the ECO scheme plans to improve an extra one million homes across Britain by 2020.

Free or grant assisted insulation is the government’s main fight in helping homes to retain heat more effectively. Not only through the winter months either, in fact, added insulation assists homes to stay cooler in the summer.

Other Schemes

Additionally, Norfolk has been running other schemes in the area to assist with a range of energy saving tactics.

CERO- A scheme in which energy companies provide grants to replace insulation in old buildings.

HHCRO- A scheme to help those who struggle to pay their heating bills. Providing them with new boilers or insulation.

CSCO- Energy companies upgrade insulation in areas of low income or exposed rural locations.

Facts and Figures

11,730 installed under CERO

6,654 houses upgraded under HHCRO

5,853, measures installed through CSCO

The most common upgrades are for cavity wall insulation (35%), loft insulation (24%) and boiler upgrades (22%).

However, with recent changes in laws and regulations, the availability of free or grant assisted insulation is constantly changing. To see if you could save and improve the energy efficiency of your home. Get in contact today at:


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[Information/ figures taken from Eastern Daily Press Property on 05/07/18]