ProjectDomestic client, West Bromwich

Project Overview

The Project

This 2 bedroom detached property was part of a larger project. The customer was installing solar panels to make his home even more greener! We installed cavity wall insulation to help make the property more energy efficient.

What was done

The walls were scoped to ensure they would be suitable for the insulation which involved drilling a small hole in to each elevation of the property. This would detect any existing insulation which may be in the wall, rubble which may have fallen in to the cavity and to determine the thickness of the cavity.

The local office called the customer to arrange a convenient time to book in for the installation. A call was also made prior to the appointment to ensure the time was still suitable.

The customer was explained the full process and the installation was completed in a timely fashion. The property was left clean and tidy and the customer was pleased with the overall result.