ProjectGloucester City Council Insulation extraction and re-fil

Project Overview

As part of the Council’s energy efficiency plan, they were looking to upgrade their existing housing stock to make improvement to the u-value for each property.

The Project

The Council make recommendations to their contractor throughout the year of which properties they would like to survey.

Properties are passed to A&M to survey and assess the current condition of the existing insulation, the option for the existing insulation to be extracted and the suitability for insulation to be re-installed.

What was done?

Through experience of similar projects, A&M surveyed the properties to assess if new insulation would be suitable. The existing wool insulation was extracted and Energy Store bead insulation was re-blown in to the walls.

Challenges faced

With the project including both extraction and re-blow for each property, and all properties being occupied, tenants were communicated with to ensure they were aware of the time scales of such install.

The projects were completed on time and on budget.

The success of this project has ensured A&M has continued to work as a subcontractor with the Councils contractors on an ongoing call-off basis for many years.