ProjectWarmer Homes – Sovereign Housing

Project Overview

Through the warmer homes project, Sovereign identified a number of properties from across 30 sites,  which were experiencing fuel property; they then appointed us as their main contractor.  We went out and surveyed the homes to understand which energy-saving measures the properties would most benefit from.

The homes visited were a mix of build types – some were Reema Hollow panel, others Wimpey no-fine and some solid brick.  After the surveys were carried out across Berkshire and Oxfordshire, it was discovered that loft insulation was needed in some homes; however, 126 properties would most benefit from external wall insulation.  Of the 126 homes, 55 of these were in Lancaster Square, Hungerford, which was where the majority of the project was based.

What was done?

The scheme commenced on site in November 2013.  The full specification was provided to A&M by Sovereign, detailing Knauf mineral Fibre 100mm as their preferred product.

We then contacted each resident individually to tell them about the project and let them know the estimated timescales.  Sovereign and A&M also ran a tenant liaison meeting, which helped us to introduce the team, answer any questions and make sure everyone knew when and what was happening. A progress report was provided to the client on a weekly basis and regular contact was maintained to ensure open communication.

With over 20 people on our workforce we managed to complete the works within our 4 month programme.

Challenges faced

The main challenge faced throughout this project was experiencing heavy rain and terrible flooding; however, we did overcome this and restart work quickly by using Monoflex sheeting, which allowed the basecoats and finishes to set.

Project successes

The project was completed on time and under budget.  Whilst we were carrying out the work we also created a video that illustrates the detail of the external wall insulation, which will allow future residents to see in more detail, how the works are carried out.

A&M has been awarded a further 160 properties by Sovereign in Berkshire and Oxfordshire.

The following video was taken at Lancaster Square for Sovereign to explain to future tenants the full process of External Wall Insulation.