Warm Roof Insulation

As more and more homes are modified in order to maximise living space, warm roofs are becoming increasingly popular.

To reduce the risk of condensation a breather membrane is used in a warm roof configuration while the insulation is positioned directly under the external waterproofing. To limit the passage of moisture vapour into the insulation a vapour control layer, ‘visqueen’, is usually placed on the warm side of the insulation. The material does not move once installed and air is allowed to flow freely, maintaining ventilation to the area. After installation, the area is then plaster boarded.

Examples of the products used are Kingspan, Celotex and Knauf rafter roll.

In addition to providing much-needed insulation and less risk of condensation, a warm roof increases airtightness and is in compliance with the revised Part L Building Regulations (April 2006).

If you have a space that you feel will benefit from having a warm roof installed, contact A&M to speak to one of our experts.