PUTTING your property up for sale and deciding on an asking price can sometimes be a nerve-wracking process, but there are features you can add to your home that will bump its sale price by over 10 percent.

Deliberating how much you would like to receive for your property can be a difficult task, especially while the nation is approaching Brexit and house prices are at their lowest in six years. But there are simple changes you can make to your home that would increase its value – an important factor during such uncertain times. A new survey shows 41 per cent of Brits would pay more for an energy efficient home, with 15 per cent saying they would pay over 10 per cent more for an equivalent property in the same area, according to research by Smart Energy GB. While smart meters can be installed to help you keep track of your energy usage, there are other ways you can increase the value of your home simply by making environmentally friendly investments.

The research showed the most desirable green investments are:

  • A new roof (54 per cent)
  • A newly replaced boiler (53 per cent)
  • Cavity wall insulation (45 per cent)
  • Underfloor heating (39 per cent)
  • Ground source heat pump (33 per cent)
  • Energy storage system (29 per cent)
  • Air source heat pump (28 per cent)

The research found millennials (25-34 year olds) put a higher value on making sure their home is energy efficient.

They’re the most likely generation to pay premium for a environmentally friendly feature to reduces bills.

This is compared to around four in ten of both their Gen X (45-54) and Baby Boomer (55+) counterparts.

However, Baby Boomers are more likely to have energy efficiency measures installed in their homes. 84% having energy-saving light bulbs installed, compared to around a half of those aged 18-24.


If your a homeowner and curious to how insulation can help increase your property’s value, please read more here.

Article taken from:  https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/property/1075990/property-for-sale-news-value-price-home. On [12/02/2019]