Green Deal Provider Status for A&M!

A&M Energy Solutions Ltd is pleased to announce their recent certification as a Green Deal Provider.  Already accredited as a Green Deal Installer and Assessor, the Provider status gives a ‘one stop shop’ approach to Green Deal/ECO, enabling A&M to arrange a Green Deal plan, provide finance and arrange installation of the agreed energy efficiency improvements.

The vision for Green Deal is for less carbon to be emitted from our homes, and improvements made in our homes.

The Green Deal finance allows individuals and businesses to make energy efficiency improvements to their buildings at no upfront cost.  The costs of the measures could be paid for out of the resultant savings on that consumer’s energy bill.

A&M Energy Solutions Director Ian Mollard commented, “We are very pleased with gaining the Provider status.  Being able to offer our customers with a complete customer journey through Green Deal ensures we can offer the personable advice and information which we have provided for over 40 years in this industry.  The status takes us to a new chapter in the industry which we believe will offer our ‘able to pay’ market an option to take up the insulation methods at no upfront cost.  The team has worked extremely hard to achieve this status and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for all their hard work.”

A&M can now offer the Green Deal assessment and installation to increase the energy efficiency and reduce the heating costs of the building.  The Green Deal/ECO measures which can be installed by A&M through Green Deal/ECO are loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, external wall insulation, internal wall insulation and heating.

Contact A&M Energy to learn more about Green Deal by calling 0800 318 867 or fill in our short inquiry form here.